120% More Referral Revenue (With One Small Tweak) w/ Michael Cole
Nearbound MarketingDecember 22, 202300:38:5726.78 MB

120% More Referral Revenue (With One Small Tweak) w/ Michael Cole

In this episode, Logan Lyles talks to Michael Cole, the SVP of Marketing at Everflow, about successfully scaling referral partner programs. 

Michael shares how Everflow, a partner marketing platform, has seen a 120% increase year over year in their referral channel by making one small tweak to how they compensate their referral partners within the program.

He also underscores the importance of creating cost-efficient customer acquisition channels, with a big emphasis on referral programs, and the need for a low-friction, high-trust environment that encourages referrals. Additionally, Cole highlights the significance of having good data and tracking the right customer interaction metrics to optimize referral programs.

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