33: The Nearbound ABM Play You Can Run Today - Blake Wiliams
Nearbound MarketingSeptember 29, 2023
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33: The Nearbound ABM Play You Can Run Today - Blake Wiliams

Is Nearbound Marketing all hype, or can you actually put it into play?

Blake Williams, CEO of Amp Factor, came on the podcast to discuss creating and capturing demand in marketing. We explore how Nearbound Marketing can harvest existing demand and close the gap between unmet expectations and potential solutions. We discuss the importance of Nearbound marketing and co-selling.

Plus, Blake shares the specific ABM marketing tactics he’s used to target specific accounts.

00:15 The myth of creating demand
01:34 We don't create demand; we meet customers unmet expectations
02:54 Marketers are too vague. You need a single persona.
03:50 Harvesting demand, not creating demand
05:05 Get specific with account-based marketing
05:29 Don't be hypothetical with your marketing
05:42 Nearbound marketing plays
06:34 Tactical Nearbound plays
14:56 How to know if your marketing is working
25:44 Using AI to improve your marketing efforts

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