34: Building Trust in the Age of Data Overload - Dan Sanchez
Nearbound MarketingOctober 06, 202300:35:1024.19 MB

34: Building Trust in the Age of Data Overload - Dan Sanchez

How do you build trust amidst the data overwhelm?

Dan Sanchez joins the show to help us navigate the infocalypse.

Dan dives into the changing landscape of marketing on Linkedin. He says we need to shift away from pontification to trust-building.

Dan and Logan Lyles explore the recent changes on LinkedIn, and discuss audience building, content strategy, and concerns about the platform's shift towards becoming pay-to-play. They also talk about the power of relationships, networking, and the art of asking insightful questions.

Dan also shares his 30-30-30 plan—his system for gaining influence on LinkedIn.


00:29 LinkedIn reach is going down
03:43 LinkedIn algorithm changes
05:16 Tell; show; share
09:03 Learn from failure
10:33 Enough pontification
10:53 We need more trust, less data
13:31 Start small
14:49 Best formats on LinkedIn
16:50 Learn out loud and lead with curiosity
19:22 The 30-30-30 plan
24:58 How to activate Nearbound Evangelists
28:42 Record personal videos with loom

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