Three Nearbound Marketing Tactics to Start Using Now
Nearbound MarketingSeptember 15, 2023
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Three Nearbound Marketing Tactics to Start Using Now

Logan Lyles just got back from HubSpot’s INBOUND 2023. He shares three Nearbound tactics he used to make an event he hosted a killer success. Logan tells how he used partnerships, influence, and dark social to sell out an event at INBOUND within 24 hours. 

Logan breaks it down step by step. This is where Nearbound theory meets reality. Listen to how he leveled up his marketing by using a Nearbound motion.

00:00 Intro
00:34 GTM is changing - the future is Nearbound
01:58 Nearbound matters because buyers have changed
02:22 We've moved to the WHO economy 
03:06 Partnerships is not a department; it's a strategy
03:33 Build relationships and maintain trust
03:53 Market with the market, not to the market
05:34 Takeaways from INBOUND
06:03 How to sell out a private event in under 24 hrs
06:11 Form relationships with influencers
06:48 Post in private Facebook groups relevant to your ICP
07:49 Partner with your partners
08:11 Partner up on your booth
10:15 Secure commitments from larger organizations
12:09 Trade resources with a larger organization

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