Two Ways to Drive Intros with New Partners with Sam Dunning
Nearbound MarketingSeptember 22, 2023
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Two Ways to Drive Intros with New Partners with Sam Dunning

How do you find partners that make sense for your business? Logan Lyles and Sam Dunning discuss two effective strategies to drive collaborations and build long-term partnerships.

Sam Dunning, co-owner of WebChoice, gives strategies for driving introductions and creating long-term partnerships with new partners. They explore tactics for identifying potential partners, engaging with them, and creating content together. 

Sam and Logan talk about the benefits of collaboration through articles, listicles, and playbooks, to optimize websites for better search rankings.

He also shares how you can use trust to collaborate with partners to help your business grow further and faster—together.

00:28 Tap into trust and partnerships
00:55 Intros are huge
03:32 Partner up to extend your level of services to customers
06:51 Do what you do best; partner up on the rest
07:22 Find more ways to serve your customer
07:46 Partner up with those you already trust
11:19 Invite potential partners on your podcast
12:03 Look for ways you can offer complimentary solutions to prospective partners
14:22 Use a short video series as an alternative to a podcast
24:15 Embedding videos in your articles help them rank in Google
25:22 How to measure partnership success
29:20 What to avoid in partnerships?
30:54 Make sure you're laser-focused when you have guests on your podcasts

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